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Detection of Color Blindness - It would be nice if parents can detect abnormalities in the color-blind since early childhood. By knowing from an early age, parents can guide the future direction of the child.

Color blindness is divided into two categories, namely the total color blindness and partial color blindness. In total color blindness, disabling could not recognize any other color, except black and white. Fortunately, the case caused by the absence of color pigment in the retina cells is very rare.

Meanwhile, the partial color blindness, disabled deficiency (lack of) pigment in the retinal cells that can not see certain colors. Combined deficiency of red and green are the most common disorders, whereas deficiencies rarely blue.

What needs to be clarified, people with color blindness can not not recognize a particular color, but she could not identify a combination or mixture of colors. He could only know the basic colors, like yellow, red, and blue, as well as secondary colors, like green, orange, and purple. However, when the colors are combined again with another color, he is unable to recognize or confused determine, whether it is dark green or blue, and so on.

There are several causes of color blindness. First is the offspring, the latter because to obtain. Congenital color blindness caused by mutations in X chromosome-derived father or mother. The case of color blindness is more common in males. Why? Because the men who formed the XY chromosome has only one X chromosome Thus, if the X chromosome was disrupted or damaged, then he is potentially more likely to have color blindness.

Meanwhile, the women who formed the XX chromosomes, if one of her X chromosome disorder, there is one X chromosome again that she can be the bearer of properties (carrier) color-blind.

Another cause of color blindness is due to be obtained. This usually happens when the child suffered retinal damage or injury (trauma) in the brain that causes swelling in the occipital lobe. Damage caused by exposure to ultraviolet light for not using proper protective eyewear can also cause color blindness.

According to Dr. Amyta Miranty, Sp M, President of RS Mata Aini, Jakarta, parents need to be vigilant and immediately check their children if they can not distinguish colors or one color mentioning though is often taught. Note also the family history, whether any family members who have color blindness.

Parents can do a color-blind in their own home. The trick, combine multicolored wool yarn. Then, ask the child to take a certain color yarn. If he looks confused, then even the slightest suspicion, it could not hurt to be consulted on the eye doctor.

To ensure the case of color blindness, eye doctor usually will do a test nutrient with the book contains a combination of various colors. Usually also will be supporting tests, such as inspection organs eye, and so forth. The damage is generally not only associated with symptoms of color blindness, but also on other things, such as visual acuity, area of view, and so forth.

What we need to realize, children with color blindness does not have physical barriers and health. Children continue to live, move, school, career, and so forth. Parents can direct children on areas that do not require professional expertise in a dominant color.