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Really typhoid because of fatigue?

JAKARTA, -  This one disease may already be familiar, especially among those who supersibuk. No wonder that typhoid is often associated with tiredness? Is it true that tiredness causes typhoid?

Prof Dr Djoko Widodo, SpPD-KPTI from the Tropical Infectious Disease Sciences Faculty of medicine explained, typhus is a systemic infectious disease caused by germs.

Typhus or typhoid fever is also called a disease caused by the bacterium Salmonella typhi and the disease is widely available in developing countries, like Indonesia, for food or beverages contaminated by bacteria.

So, is it true that tiredness can cause typhoid? Djoko asserted that the infection suffered by a person depends on several things, such as endurance, many germs that enter, and malignant germ.

"The principle that truth is when our immune system decreases due to tired, the body can become infected. However, keep in mind, the infection occurs not only because to achieve, but also must have germs that come in, it still depends on the number and ferocity germ itself, "he said.

"Therefore, keep your endurance as well as possible because any infection can occur when the immune system declines," said Djoko encountered in the practice room in Jatinegara Mitra International Hospital, Jakarta.

It could be dangerous
Djoko also reminded, do not ever underestimate the typhoid. He argues that while the disease often occur in society so often taken for granted, it could be dangerous typhoid.

This is due to infection could lead to damage in developing germ place in the small intestine, especially the section called plague peyeri. "Typhoid germs attacking the area and can be dangerous if until there is intestinal perforation or intestinal bleeding and severe infection because of the germs that cause life-threatening organ disorders you," he said.

-dr Intan Airlina Febiliawanti-