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There is K in Your Blood - Require the ability to clot blood so that we avoid the bleeding that can lead to death. In order for blood to clot or berkoagulasi optimally, the body requires vitamin K.

Actually coagulation is one indication of the consistency of blood flow in the body. Because when the blood is able berkoagulasi well, the threads of fibrin are "sew" a wound tissue can hold more blood discharge.

That's why vitamin K deficiency is a risky thing for our bodies. But not only keep the blood coagulation, vitamin K can also stop the growth of breast cancer cells, according to the Journal of Cellular Physiology.

For we do not supply vitamin K deficiency, we can consume soy milk, green tea, cabbage, broccoli, avocado, and kiwi fruit. While from animal sources, we can get it from cow's milk, beef and beef liver. In addition, probiotic foods like yogurt can also count on us because the healthy bacteria that help to stimulate the production of vitamin K in the body.

The amount of vitamin K is required of us every day is 1 meg, per kg body weight. Because overdose of this vitamin for long periods can cause anemia and liver function impairment. But in fact the fulfillment of this vitamin fairly easy because in addition to its needs a little, our digestive system already fortify the body with good bacteria that would trigger the production of vitamin K.

- Lily Turangan/Siagian Priska -