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Info & Tips - Require the ability to clot blood so that we avoid the bleeding that can lead to death. In order for blood to clot or berkoagulasi optimally, the body requires vitamin K.

Actually coagulation is one indication of the consistency of blood flow in the body. Because when the blood is able berkoagulasi well, the threads of fibrin are "sew" a wound tissue can hold more blood discharge.

JAKARTA, -  This one disease may already be familiar, especially among those who supersibuk. No wonder that typhoid is often associated with tiredness? Is it true that tiredness causes typhoid?

Prof Dr Djoko Widodo, SpPD-KPTI from the Tropical Infectious Disease Sciences Faculty of medicine explained, typhus is a systemic infectious disease caused by germs. - It would be nice if parents can detect abnormalities in the color-blind since early childhood. By knowing from an early age, parents can guide the future direction of the child.

Color blindness is divided into two categories, namely the total color blindness and partial color blindness. In total color blindness, disabling could not recognize any other color, except black and white.

JAKARTA, - Alert to dengue fever which usually appear during the transition period and affects many children, the parents should be more careful and cautious in giving fever-lowering drugs for children.

According dr.Alan R. Tumbelaka, Sp.A (K), from the Department of Pediatrics, Faculty of medicine, when a child is suffering from dengue hemorrhagic fever positive, the child should be given paracetamol group febrifuge. This type of drug is safer to the stomach and has no effect menghambata blood clotting.

YOGYAKARTA, - Calcium only influence 10 percent as a determinant of bone strength back. The main factor is the habit of human activity, whether or not freshen the bone, as well as sports. Unfortunately, people rarely make pleasant bones and rarely exercising. - Minerals needed by the body to activate hundreds of enzyme reactions in the body. Therefore, the mineral is as important as vitamins.

1. Calcium
Useful for building bones and teeth, is responsible on muscle contraction, nerve impul, heart, and blood clotting properly.