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Info & Tips - For heart health benefits of broccoli has been already known. However, how the mechanism, recently scientists from the UK managed to reveal it.

The researchers from Imperial College, London, England, found the chemical compounds in broccoli and other green vegetables that effectively increase the natural defense mechanisms to protect the heart from the blockage of arteries that can cause heart attacks.

Fasting turned out to have health benefits, could be a therapy for treatment of several degenerative diseases. Dates are commonly served during Ramadan contain nutrients that can prevent interference with the heart.

Fasting in Islam definition is the act of holding the passions, including eating, drinking, and copulation since Imsak time to time to break fast when evening came, with the intention of worship to Allah SWT. Ain obligatory fasting (fasting required) applies to all Muslims who believe to be implemented during the month of Ramadan for 29 or 30 days.

Entering the month of Ramadan, various preparations have been started. Starting from a pilgrimage to the tomb of the parents and relatives, stay in touch with relatives he's Greetings to carry out preparations for Ramadan fasting month.

Hunger and thirst and lust for more than 12 hours a month-long course is not easy. In fact, if run properly starting from dawn to break the fast, a lot of positive benefits for the soul and of course our health. - Pregnant women, medical workers, and infants aged six months upwards, is the first priority recipients of swine flu vaccine in the fall. They are considered more susceptible to contracting the A-H1N1 virus infection that has become a pandemic.

The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices in the United States, recommends it. The decision was taken at a meeting in Atlanta.