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Dr. Nenden L. S. Prabu, SpKK

Beautiful with a Healthy Skin

It was common knowledge that almost everyone crave healthy skin, fresh and glowing. Moreover, in the current era, attention to the problem of skin and face no longer solely owned by women. Many men who also want the skin and face smooth and soft. The development of community lifestyle, allegedly triggered it.

Discussing the beauty and skin health is to be discussed endlessly. Moreover, if the doctor discuss it with this beautiful. Dr. Nenden L. S Prabu, SpKK. This woman has dedicated her life as a specialist in skin and venereal. What and how definitions of beauty, according to dermatologist's this?

Many people define pretty synonymous with white skin that shines like a woman in Europe and other western world. But not for Nenden. According to pretty it does not mean white, but more in people who have healthy skin and proportionate to the skin color evenly. "It's all different people define it, but if the medical side, it should be pretty healthy, both outside and inside," he said.

Form a beautiful and healthy skin, such as skin and facial treatments, continued Nenden, is an investment. The benefit is not instantaneous but will be felt in the future. "For example, when someone wants to apply for jobs. With the appearance of skin and well-maintained, it will give a positive value, "he said.

Nenden explains, skin care and facial must be done from inside or outside in a balanced way. Beauty from within can be obtained by performing daily routines that are beneficial to the body such as regular exercise and eat nutritious foods such as vegetables and fruits. While the external treatment to use drugs safely.

Stress also can affect the beauty. Some experts argue that when stress hit, blood flow to the skin will decrease. This causes the reduction of nutrients and oxygen received by the skin. As a result, the skin will look pale, dull, no shine and lead to disruption of the skin rejuvenation process.

As a doctor who claimed to be perfect in front of the patient, not merely to set him free from the shackles of stress. But, the mother of three children have a solution. "If stress or fatigue with daily activities, I was channeling with singing. Although not a real singer, but at least it can restore the mood and relieve stress, "he said.

In addition, the beach has long been a haven for Nenden and their families to relieve stress and leave for a moment from the bustle. "By hanging out with loved ones, looking at the sunrise and sunset as well as a vast expanse of ocean, we can free our minds at the same time admire the greatness of God," said Nenden who fell in love on Lhoknga Beach, Aceh. Hendy

(Taken from Kabar Sehat Edisi 009 | October-Desember 2009)