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Regional Scientific Meeting of Neurology Specialists of Central Java and Yogyakarta

Purwokerto was chosen as the venue for the 24th Regional Scientific Meeting (PIR) of Neurology Specialists of Central Java and Yogyakarta on July 13th - 15th 2012 at Aston Premier Hotel, Purwokerto. The event was organized by Indonesian Nerve Doctors Association (Perdossi) Banyumas branch in cooperation with the Department of Neurology Sardjito Hospital, Karyadi Hospital, Moewardi Hospital and Margono Hospital. At this event, neurological diseases frequently encountered in daily medical practice in the field of neurology, such as stroke, dementia, epilepsy, headache, neuro-paediatry, neuro-geriatry, neuro-infection and vertigo, were also discussed.

On this occasion, Ferron participated by organizing a symposium about "The Role of Neuroprotectant for Management of Stroke" which was attended by approximately 250 participants. At the symposium, Ferron focused on 'Neulin Injection 1000' product as a choice of high dose citicoline for Vascular Cognitive Impairment related stroke and 'Neulin PS' as an option for the prevention of Post-Stroke Dementia. The main speaker in this session was Dr. Astuti, SpS (K) and Dr. Dani Rahmawati, SpS (K).

Meanwhile at the other symposium sessions, dr Dodik Tugasworo, SpS (K) was the keynote speaker with a presentation focusing on current developments and trends of latest stroke treatment options, such as preparat AX200, Dalfampridine, and the controversy about the combination of Clopidogrel and Aspirin.

When dr Dodik Tugasworo, SpS (K) spoke, there was an interesting question coming from Prof. Dr. Dr. Rusdi Lamsudin, SpS (K) about the publication of a recent study that he found in 'The Lancet Journal' on June 11, 2012 about the controversy of Citicoline benefits in stroke cases in several research centers in Europe (Germany, Spain and Portugal). The question was answered by Dr. Dodik Tugasworo, SpS (K) with the conclusion that Citicoline still has a place as an option for cases of stroke in Indonesia. A similar opinion was also supported by Prof. Dr. Dr. Amin Husni, SpS (K) (professor from FK-UNDIP Karyadi Hospital), dr. Dani Rahmawari, SpS (K) and Prof. Dr. dr. Moch. Hasan Machfoed, SpS (K) (Chairman of Perdossi). Reported by Pit Hoi from Purwokerto